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Students Discover Mammoth DIY is Easy

May 30, 2014     New Home Insulation, Installing Insulation

High school students take on insulating the walls of their new Prefects Room at Whangarei Boys High with Mammoth friction fit air-lay sections with excellent results.

Since Mammoth polyester insulation is safe to handle the senior students at Whangarei Boys High took on the task of installing the wall insulation into their refurbished Prefect Room.

Even insulation amateurs like these students can install like a professional thanks to the unique properties of Mammoth wall sections. Only Mammoth airlay wall sections are produced in New Zealand on an Air-Lay plant which can create a firm, wall insulation pad that gently squeezes between the joists for a snug gap-free, crease-free fit to maximise its thermal performance. 

Thermal imaging has shown how gaps, creases, folds and compression of wall insulation all reduce its thermal effectiveness. Mammoth wall sections help even DIY installers achieve a professional level of installation. 

The properties of Mammoth Air-Lay Wall Sections contribute to a superior installation.  In the photos from Whangarei Boys High you can note:

  • The insulation fits edge to edge without gaps.
  • The insulation has a true friction-fit and is self supporting within the wall cavities.
  • The wall sections are cut easily to size with an insulation saw.
  • The boys do not need safety clothing.  Mammoth insulation is made from similar fibres to a polyester duvet inner and will not cause allergic reactions or breathing issues for DIY home owners.

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