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Winter is Coming ...

March 03, 2014     Healthy Homes, Warm Homes, Installing Insulation

You don’t have to be “Game of Thrones” fan to realise darker, cooler mornings are a sign to get ready for Winter.

March 1st signals the start of autumn and time to prepare your home for a more comfortable winter.  Insulation is one of the key ingredients to improving the thermal efficiency of existing homes.  Insulation will help keep the cold out and keep in the heat you generate through electricity or fires.

Insulation makes your home more thermally efficient and also can make it drier, healthier and easier to heat.  There is research showing that even one night in a cold bedroom can affect a child's lung function for up to a fortnight while other research has revealed a significant drop in hospital admissions for respiratory issues amongst people whose homes are insulated and adequately heated. So if any family members have asthma, bronchitis or suffer from recurring colds then insulation may make a difference.


Check Existing Insulation

If your home has had ceiling insulation added already then it can still pay to check whether it's still all in place.  Some forms of insulation can settle over time or with water damage, and it may have been installed before the current minimum levels of insulation were set.  If your insulation level sits below the height of your ceiling joists then you probably need to replace or top up what's there with another layer.

Underfloor insulation is also worth checking.  There was a period when foil insulation was used underfloor but EECA currently recommends using bulk insulation (like polyester) as there are several safety and performance concerns with foil insulation. Mammoth Multi is a fantastic underfloor insulation option because it has friendly, non-itch fibres that are easy to work with and it holds itself in place without fiddly straps, rods or staples.


Retro-fitting Insulation

If you have no insulation in your ceiling or under-floor then there's a reasonable probability that your home was built before 2000.  If it was built before 2000 then you may be eligible for subsidies to retro-fit ceiling and/or floor insulation into your home. To find out book a free home insulation assessment now.  It's obligation free and can see you warm and comfortable before winter frosts and storms arrive.


Whether you're planning on installing new insulation yourself or need an installer, Mammoth polyester insulation is the modern choice for a healthy home.

  • Soft, friendly non-itch fibres
  • Made including fibres from recycled plastic bottles
  • No formaldehye like most fibreglass/glass wool insulation
  • Long-lasting with a 50 year warranty
  • Made in New Zealand
  • Available at most leading building merchants


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