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Mammoth Insulation for builders

The easy, safer option for New Zealand builders

Mammoth polyester insulation creates warmer, healthier homes for New Zealanders and also creates an easier, healthier work environment for builders.

  • It's soft, non-itch and non-toxic
  • No need for protective gear like gloves, face-masks and overalls.
  • With no gloves, handling the product is easier.
  • The friendly fibres are heat bonded together so there's no glues or binders.
  • Polyester is not a potential food souce so it has no pesticides either.
  • Wall sections and Mammoth Multi for underfloor require no straps or staples (no risk of electrocution)
  • You can maximise thermal performance with a smooth finish without bunching, creases or folds.

Your customers will be happier with less toxins in their home and long-lasting effectiveness that carries a 50 year warranty when correctly installed and adequately protected.

There's a Mammoth™ product suitable for every new build or retrofit insulation project.

You can order the complete Mammoth range through your local building supplies merchant or to find out more Meet a Mammoth Rep.


BRANZ Appraised

Mammoth is fully BRANZ Appraised and meets the required provisions of the New Zealand Building Code.

Download our BRANZ Appraisal (No. 797) and BRANZ Appraisal (No. 802)

Mammoth™ services for the building trade:

  • we can visit your business or building site to show you the product
  • we can quote off plans (both new build and existing) so you know exactly what to order
  • we can measure and quote on-site
  • we can provide a complete Mammoth Install Service using our trained, professional installers and auditors