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Mammoth™ makes it easy to have a warm and healthy home.

Whether you’re building new or retro-fitting your existing home, we’ve got a simple Mammoth™ insulation product to suit.

Mammoth is the modern option in home insulation with a soft, friendly-fibre solution that is free of glues, binders, formeldehyde and pesticides.  Mammoth's 100% polyester insulation uses fibres from recycled plastic bottles and so you'll be able to feel good in your warmer, healthier home knowing that you've reduced the planet's landfills.

Mammoth is soft, non-itch insulation so you don't need to wear gloves, goggles and coveralls to handle it - it truely is the feel-good insulation.

Mammoth polyester insulation absorbs no moisture and is backed by a 50 year Manufacturer's warranty.

Install it yourself or have it installed by a prefessional installer - our installers can tell you if you're eligible for ENERGYWISE funding and arrange the grants on your behalf.

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