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Mammoth Multi Insulation

Multi-purpose polyester insulation for the whole home

Mammoth Multi Insulation for walls, underfloor or ceilingsMammoth™ Multi is 100% polyester thermal insulation for ceilings, walls and underfloor - your one-stop solution for a warmer, drier and healthier home.

Mammoth Multi is the ultimate DIY insulation product.  It is easy to handle, cut and install. It has a special springy texture to friction fit into wall, ceiling or underfloor spaces letting you install like a professional.

The quality of installation plays a major role in the effectiveness of insulation in your home. If you leave gaps, bunch up the insulation, stretch or compress it, you compromise the thermal performance (R-value).

Mammoth Multi is an insulation product that was designed to make installation easy.  Now you can install insulation with confidence and ease and do a professional-looking job.

What makes Mammoth Multi insulation different is that its manufactured on a special machine that gives the product a unique lengthwise and width-wise spring. This allows Mammoth Multi to be friction-fitted into spaces so that it creates a snug fit without gaps, tucks or creases.
Simply cut Mammoth Multi sections slightly larger than the space requiring insulation and it will fit snugly and securely.

Mammoth has an R1.9 rating and is also available in handy-packs for small insulation jobs around the home.  For full technical details download the datasheet at the bottom of this page.


  1. Quick under-floor installation
  2. Staple free, strap-free installation
  3. Friction fits to minimise gaps, tucks or creases
  4. Doesn’t require cutting – hand tear to required length.
  5. No need to wrap cables
  6. Available in a range of widths
  7. Soft, non-itchy texture
  8. No need for goggles, gloves & overalls, other than protection against dirt and spiders.
  9. No glues or chemicals
  10. Off-cuts make great cat (or dog) beds

Safe & easy to install

  • Mammoth won't irritate your skin  - it's made from the same material used in many pillows and duvets
  • No protective clothing or masks are needed
  • Made in pads, it is simply ‘friction fitted’ between joists (removing the risk of electrocution from stapling)

Made to last

  • Mammoth is guaranteed to perform as well as when installed for at least 50 years (so long it is installed correctly and remains adequately protected)

The feel good factor

  • Mammoth is manufactured in New Zealand using fibres made from recycled plastic bottles - so we take waste and use it to create insulation - and it itself 100% recyclable

Download product data sheets